1. Congratulations to Miss Guyana. It was a contest of poise, INNER beauty shining OUTSIDE, intelligence, confidence and real talent,,,not just about superficial facial, colour and body beauty. Ms. Guyana (PJD2 CARIBBEAN QUEEN 2014-2015) had ALL of the winning qualities and that is why she TOWERED ABOVE the rest. Keep making Guyana proud all over the world Alicia Bess! Your St. Maarten Chaperon.

  2. Is it the poll votes alone that will win miss popularity? How about the videos likes on YouTube, does that help? TEAM767

  3. BVI! ❤ BVI! ❤ BVI! ❤ ROSANNA CHICHESTER for the win! ❤ I can guarantee you at the end of this show you WILL know her name! BEAUTY ❤ , TALENT ❤ , INTELLIGENCE ❤ , POISE ❤ , CONFIDENCE ❤ , DIGNITY ❤ , PRIDE ❤ , RESPECT ❤ , GRACEFULNESS ❤ , LOVELINESS ❤ , CHARM ❤ , PRETTINESS ❤ , AMBITION ❤ , DETERMINATION ❤ and the list can go ON and ON and On! She WILL bring her “A” game so be ready! Trust me! YA’LL AINT READY YET! Miss BVI for the WIN! ❤ WE GOT HER BACK! #TeamBVI ❤ #Team284 ❤ #TeamRosie ❤ #DaFam ❤ #BVI4DaWin ❤

  4. Why is it that everytime someone votes for my country, the votes aren’t added but it keeps adding to Dominica votes. Come on guys someone needs to look into this. This poll could easily be hacked and It’s not fair to people who are actually voting. We can’t know for sure how a country is supporting their contestant on this poll. It’s crystal clear to most people that this poll is hacked.

    • the poll is not hacked, several countries are encouraging their people to clear their browser history and revote. There is also an active Vote Dominica campaign online, with what seems like hundreds trying to generate votes. When one country is leading, the other countries say cheat or hack. When they are leading- they get quiet. Hacking would mean 100.000’s or millions in votes generated by one IP. The number IP’s that log into the blog is registered individually, every time you click the blog, vote etc it registers. There has been no unusual patterns or IP’s register multiple times. The Dominicans have an incredible campaign online, and they are encouraging people to clear their browser history, there’s nothing we can do about that.

      • Clearing browsing data can never get votes going up so fast. Come on you should know about proxy and Ip blockers. Maybe if you Google it you would be able to see that pollydaddy is one of the easiest to hack and securities measures you can take to prevent that. I don’t really mind who is ahead in votes cause I know you can’t win a pageant by the number of votes you have. ..but It’s not fair. People are not stupid. We have some of the best tech geeks in our country…we could have done the same but God sees everything and cheating is not an option.

        • LOL! Tracy I know about IP and IP blocker. Should I use IP blocker MOST people in the Caribbean will not be able to vote, since MOST share devices. When it comes to polldaddy being hacked, maybe you should take it up with Polldaddy. I’ve been doing this seven years now, and ALL systems are penetrable. All securities measures have been taken, but because you can’t see the behind the scenes, you will make general, incorrect assumptions. Not all people are stupid, and some a the best tech geeks in OUR country. God does see everything, and cheaters NEVER prosper, so why are you so upset about it. As I can see, EVERY country has been bypassing the voting security. I’ve used just about ALL online poll widgets/Html… and ALL are fallible. I believe in God too, that’s why I’ll allow him/her to do their job- and I’ll do mine.

          • Smh…you still don’t get it. I can’t explain it further. I wasn’t talking about you blocking people’s ip. The other way around. Anyways It’s all good. We will definitely see what God can do on the 27th. Have a great day!!!

            • I’ve been doing this years- but you’re the genius…. you tell me how to do it the other way around? Then break it down to me how Polldaddy a multimillion dollar company has not been able to learn how to ….do it the other way around in all these years. It’s cool to criticize, when you observe at a distance. You can’t explain it further- because… well you can’t. Tell me in detail how to do it the other way around, and makes sure you c.c. and email that data to Poll.daddy and all the other online polling agencies. Years they’ve been trying to understand how to do it the other way around- and here you are with all the answers. I’m not being sarcastic. Don’t tease- tell us how to do it the other way…………around.

            • I suspect that you have a little issue. While you could be voting, you here making noise. TeamFrancine Team 767. Who are you to say that we are cheating? u

        • Tracy honey you have a lot to learn. I clear my browser and I can tell you just by doing that I do 10 votes a minute. I vote for the Islands with the least and for Dominica.

  5. We are all Caribbean divided only by water. We should vote for our contestant to show them we support them. All the ladies are beautiful and it’s not easy for them to stand up infront of jugemental people.

  6. Miss BVI all the way baby!!!! POLLS don’t win pageant babygirl. Your country surely supports you because we know what it takes to win this pageant and you have the whole package. A million votes wouldn’t make anyone win unless they bring it on the 27th. I look forward to seeing you on stage the whole passay will be coming down.xoxo team bvi

  7. Rosanna Chichester your family has overcame too much adversity you all are champions and you were born a natural you were born to win and that you will do because of the favor of the Lord that is upon you. Prayers are going up on your behalf and God will surly give you favor like Esther. Love You

  8. Was looking at the Miss BVI crowning and that Girl clean up I say. Look out for Miss BVI she might do the same in St Martin.

  9. Well lookin @ all the ladies we can say itz indeed a competition bt cum on look @ Ms. Guyana she have a beautiful smile along wid tone body, Guyanese girl is the best n I think she is the best..

  10. Whoop whoop.. #teambelize all the way.. Patience is a virtue my friend.. good things come to those who wait.. Just be patient.. You have this!.. 😉

  11. All the ladies are looking lovely but u no I had to vote for Antigua and Barbuda #IslandLife #LovetheCaribbean 🙂 Good lucky ladies ❤


    • Foolish comment, some of these girls who come from more developed countries already has a degree and know what it means to be educated. Your comment is in poor taste

  13. What is the point of talking bad about any of the ladies? Some people in here need HELP!! And to the individual who said that Francine looks old and she can’t speak you need a new dose of hater juice, clearly you are backing on the wrong tree.

    • when they can’t pick apart intelligence-they pick apart looks. The Miss PJD2 Pageant is about more than just looks. It’s personality, poise, elegance, eloquence- it’s about SUBSTANCE, not the superficial-thin make-up layer. People who can’t attack your intelligence and confidence will attack everything else. The ladies are pro’s they’re not going to let words get between them and the crown. Great day-fair play.. may the best lady win…

    • Habits at home carry abroad. Please STOP!!! You guying taking all the trash that you post on DNO and carry it to a regional pageant, this put Francine in a bad light. Stop that foolishness. This forum is for more sensible discussions. Leave all those bad habit in you-all’s backyard please.
      Educated people behave differently.

  14. It is sad to see my country men/women act this way. It is only a competition! Sigh…anyway, best of luck Francine! #767

  15. You are representing our beautiful country doll, go out there and shine, I know you will definitely make us proud! No doubts!!!! GO BELIZE ❤

  16. I pity that person who voting for Dominica. They have No life. I guess they have nothing better to do with their time than vote on a stupid voting poll that has nothing to do with the pageant show…before you go help your Ms.Dominica to speak properly

    • Hello Boga Boy, it seems like your country isn’t doing too well in the polling. The online votes does count towards overall popularity. I pity the idiot who has no life I guess his punk ass has nothing better to do with their time. Nothing sounds more desperate and pitiful than a thirsty loser, who has to cut down others to feel better about themselves. Before you want to criticize anyone, how about you learn how to WRITE properly? … before you go help your Ms.Dominica to speak properly… REALLY??? Your grammar is atrocious, yet you are here correcting people? I don’t know which country you represent, but hey don’t tell us, you can only hurt her chances with your ignorance. NOW GOGOGO MS ST LUCIA!!!!

      • I’ve been following the comments on this poll for the past few days and It’s sad to see what a beautiful and intellectual pageant has come to. I see people threatening other people and then you advertise your countries as a tourist destination. Do you really think I would visit Dominica after this? I would also be reporting this information to the director of your tourism country.

        • Over 100 countries have visited this blogs in three days. Over 80 countries have commented, and given their opinion good and bad. Unless you have the ability to trace the IP, and tell us that they are coming from Dominica, you can’t judge an entire country, on a random anonymous post which could come from anywhere. I do this for a living, I can tell you that anyone can claim to be Dominican or BVI or Belizian and try to stir the pot and cause controversy. It’s called “Trolling”, trolling is when you pretend to be someone online simply to antagonize others. Now you don’t know WHERE these trolls are from so how do you base your travel decisions on random comments, that could have been written by people in Turkey, Bangladesh, India or Chile.. Really, you DON’T know who and where trolls are from, they come in simply to stir the pot, cause discourse and arguments and to slam others. That’s all I can really say. This is not a censored blog, everyone has the right to opine, once they step outta line their IP is blocked and banned. Now have a nice day, and don’t base your vacation on trolls lol

        • I reviewed LUVDAHATERZ I.P. and they are NOT coming outta Dominica, it is NOT a Dominican IP address. So when you go to the tourism whoever, please bring them the facts- and the facts ARE it is a Castries, St Lucia IP ADDRESS.. So you might want to apologize to the Dominicans, thank you

          • You can’t track anybody ip address, thats the whole reason u can say n be competitive in the polls. If you go as far as tracking a person’s Ip, then you’re a stalker that needs to be tracked down. It’s obvious that a St.Lucian would not be depending a Dominican comments so don’t think you’re fooling anyone.

            • AS ADMINISTRATOR EVERY COMMENT HAS AN IP ACCOMPANYING IT-BEHIND THE SCENES. IT’S NOT MY JOB TO SCHOOL YOU ON THE INTERNET. Ask ANYONE who administrates a blog, and they will tell you that EVERY comment comes with an IP address attached to it. Since I can PROVE this, I have nothing else to say. Your IP begins 65.48.218…. got that??? SO MR BRIDGETOWN, ST MICHAEL BARBADOS… Don’t tell us what we can and cannot do. We are serious!!! And that’s why this is an OPEN board, but everyone has to watch what they say. Seriously.

      • At least fresh isn’t representing her country at the pageant, Francine is. She is the one who needs English lessons. So since u know so much Why don’t you teach her some before It’s too late? Before She calls the Judges Boga boy on the night of the pageant.

      • Why are you so angry with the world We Dominican are in some of these Islands looking work so don’t hate on people because you so ignorant and stupid. I am sure you are by the computer pissing up your skin to steel vote for Francine. Is it worth it ? is just a composition after all this we still have to go to these places to make a living donkey.
        Forgive us world!!!!!!

      • I would understand the Dominicans support if it was someone better than that girl. But this Francine isn’t pageant material. She looks so sad in her promo video like someone is forcing her to do it. She isn’t passionate about the pageant. But her country still want to support her, Sorry to say, majority will be disappointed.

    • I pity you for thinking it’s only one person voting for Ms. Dominica. This young lady happens to be well loved by her community. All her supporters are posting the link on their facebook pages and asking their friends and family to vote for her. I happend to be working and running three companies while voting for Ms. Dominica. I’ve voted 96 times and the day is just beginning. I’m using every PC at work to vote for her. I know the poll has nothing to do with winning but it shows her that we support her. Quit hating and vote for your favorite.

      • Everyone needs to calm down. I think things are going too far and the poll administration needs to look into it. I think It’s becoming fearful, treats are being made and It shouldn’t be like this everyone should just vote. I don’t understand people here, they are calling on God to help them and in the same breath cursing people out. I honestly believe that everyone should act as adults. Furthermore, I think security should be tighten at the pageant because I’m fearful for what might be taking it too far. GOD bless.

          • Let me ask you something sint maarten news….suppose some other contestant win this pageant,other than Ms. Dominica…what do you think her supporters will do? If they are being this rude and aggressive on a simple voting poll, how do you think they would react if she lost? It’s just a thought. The treat….”candy if only knew yuh, you wud be in deep shit tomorrow morning”. Seeing that your are the should realize that persons are hacking in your system that is why they can afford to let the votes go that high. I hope and pray that whatever is the outcome it will be peaceful.

            • I read that statement by someone in Dominica to someone in the BVI. Read the statement… had he written.. I know you, you’re in deep shit tomorrow, his IP details would have been sent to HIS authorities. But real threats aren’t would/could/should they are is/going to. Had I reported the Candy comment the authorities would have laughed and said that is not a real physical threat, and they would have been right. When I write about crossing the line, should someone come in here and be malicious and try to savage a contestant- they would have been blocked/banned. But what I’m seeing is what I see in MOST pageant blogs comment sections worldwide. I see people who are very passionate about Ms Dominican, and where some have thread the line, NO ONE has crossed it. Some people are passionate and they’re saying the wrong things, but they are not saying anything criminal- just their opinions. In pageants some people will come in and just praise who they like. Some want to criticize who they don’t like. St Maarten has a huge Dominican population, and they will be coming out to support their queen, however the St Maarten Dominicans know that a pageant is a pageant. There have been many regional and international pageants in St Maarten where Dominica didn’t win- and there was no riot or civil unrest in St Maarten. Dominicans are passionate about their pageants and queens and it’s something that they are know for in the Caribbean. Dominica is I think 260 sq miles, but they’ll logged at least 13.000 votes in 4 days… that’s how they are about Beauty Queen Pageants. NOBODY is HACKING into any system. What people are doing is using as many computers and devices as they can, and voting as many times as they can. I went to a Dominican page.He straight up said, that he’d used EVERY computer and device at work to vote and that he was just getting started. That’s not hacking, and how can I prevent this guy going to work- and using various computers- he’s beating the polling system- but it’s not hacking. Dominicans are SERIOUS about this- they are going out-finding any and everyone with a computer, and making them vote. They’re going to businesses and getting the vote. How do I prevent that? I believe Dominica would declare a national holiday just so that everybody can vote 4 Barron… how would I stop that? The votes are based on people’s passion 4 their queen, and the Dominicans do get fanatical, but they aren’t doing or saying anything illegal.. I hope you understand that.. and that EVERY country participating has the power to do the same thing- it’s just that only Dominica is really doing it. Dominicans shared this voting poll OVER 1400 times on facebook alone in 4 days…. that’s why they’re leading. Nobody’s hacking anything. There are times when BVI rallies, sometimes Belize rallies, St Maarten rallied etc etc.

    • You knw what u need to go do?? hush your mouth and mind your business and the 1000 of children you have all over the place. Go #767!!! You need to go speak properly!! Stupid fool

    • We’re simply here to show our support to our representative. Is that how you show support to your island? Bashing another? Seems like to me you also have nothing better to do with your time. You’re here pitying thousands of people who may be far better off than you. GET YOUR LIFE!!! Do your best ladies, rep your islands, you’re all deserving!!!

  17. Goooooooo Francine……..,…#Team767#…………show them how it’s done……… beauty………..God Bless youuuuuuuu…:);):;)

        • Couldn’t you find a better looking Dominican to send up, Maybe if u did I would support but not that old woman…how old is She?..
          like 40..Lmao

          • You’re just jealous that you are old and rusty, you need a reason to spend time on the Internet you idiot. Go wash your ass and drink the water

          • funny how you people sit behind a computer screen and judge when you can say anything good shut up! this girl is such a humble young woman who is so driven is sad to see all this controversy surrounding her name you people need to get a life


  19. You all need to go on Miss BVI page and see how she is popular and is very involved in her country’s affairs. Don’t make our girl Francine look bad. cool down!

  20. Don’t even make the mistake to think you can dethrone Dominica in this poll. Hunty we are just getting started! Watch and be schooled!

    • @ PagaentoriousOne or what ever your spelling is I am ashamed to call myself a Dominican with you all non-sense. Let this be a fair competition , don’t be surprise if you all cause our Francine to loose the crown with your stupidity. this is why people say that we doing witchcraft I am disappointed in my own people.

    • @ Pagaentoriousone , I see you don’t have a life…lol…Go pick some bananas for us we hungry. I coming over by you.

  21. Don’t worry your pretty head Miss BVI . Polls don’t win pageant but I know you know this by now. We will be front view in St Martin to cheer for you. TEAM BVI !!!! nothing can’t stop us now!

  22. No worries .. we got this !! Big up francine Baron our very own… intelligent and exceptionally beautiful… #canttouchthis

  23. Team:767 Dominica Repping Hard..Dii Yoh Feh sah Yoh Passe Feh Sah!! Gwaabay Konnet Vive..Babes you got dis On Lock!! You Know your always gonna be our QUEEN..

  24. I hope Miss BVI do good she is indeed very elegant, eloquent and poised for this show. Love you all the way from Canada.

  25. Team 758!! SAINT LUCIA WE LOVE…Helen of the West Indies…Land of Beaches …Hills and Valleys…FAIREST ISLE OF ALL THE EARTH 🙂

  26. Candy if only i knew yhu you wud be in deep shit tomorrow morning… I took my tiime of to look at Ms. BVI votes… it suddenly jumped from 2-102 instantly…. I guess 100 ppl wre at an internet cafe and they just voted all at once…. You are senseless Candy. Go brush your teeth and go to bed. I hope BVI wins the show… Or not!!!!! Keep cheating… God has a place for ppl like you’ll 🙂

    • It’s not cheating, as i said before, it’s called voting. Jealous much…? Continue cursing people out and talking trash let’s see how far that will get you. Karma is a bitch… your own mouth will make that happen. Btw don’t be angry i know too much about technology to know you can’t do crap about Miss BVI votes going up and guess what it will keep rising…so just sit back and enjoy the show….#teambvi

    • Sweet heart don’t bring God in your insulting comments. We are children of God and you are right he does have a place for us. We are working hard to broadcast and vote for the one we love but I don’t owe you an explanation. Have a blessed night. 🙂

  27. Isn’t this a voting poll? Then why ppl getting annoyed cause the votes going up? People are taking their time to vote for Ms.BVI…it’s not like it magically happening….#teambvi….#thebestalwayswin

  28. Wow… I see BVI’s votes are flying up… They must have got around the system which is not fair at all…
    #CheatersNeverWin… @TeamFrancine- the night of the show will be greater…. Lang patat mama BVI

    • That’s messed up, the fact that we have gotten so many people to vote bothers you. When other contestants votes were going up that wasn’t a problem though. SMH

    • Gotten around the system? What system? Maybe you should share Donnzie because its obvious that your selling out yourself. You are right cheaters never prosper.

    • So why do u assume that there is cheating going on? Miss BVI is a very smart, popular and talented young lady. She is earning this all the way. So keep your negative comment to yourself. She will prove herself so bring it on!!!!

    • You people know what you are doing so you are guilty . Don’t get jealous about others honesty advertising their contestant and working hard to get vote not buying or steeling any from no one. It is only today it was revealed that each country should vote for their representative so show some respect for people who are showing their girls appreciation. Let this be a fair game!!!!!!!

    • As the online Admin, I can assure you, were cheating involved…. St Maarten, Aruba and the other Antilles would have been leading. What is going on, is that BOTH Ms Dominica AND Ms BVI are running savvy online campaigns. BOTH Dominica AND BVI are campaigning to get votes online, and it is a smart strategy, and the other contestants can learn by watching them online. With over 20.000 views overnight, these votes ARE possible without cheating. All it takes is a clever online campaign, to get your country to vote. Belize is also be posted by other Belizians online. Both Ms Dominica and Ms BVI are intelligent enough to lobby and rally voters online, there is NO cheating. I run the Page, Blog, Youtube and the Voting Poll. I see the background data and statistics, had I suspected cheating, I would have added IP blocker. I didn’t use an IP blocker, because that would not be fair with households having several computers on one IP. I will post the behind the scenes to the PJD2 page later. You can click on and see the behind the scenes stats and data, and you’ll see that some people came with their game shoes on, and even when their game shoes are Laboutins or Jimmy Choos, they are playing to win. Enjoy the poll, vote and encourage your ENTIRE country to vote in your representative. Have a great day, Que tenga un buen dia, bon dia!

      • Amen to that!!!!! Team BVI and Team Dominica are working hard. They do need to stop dissing each other though. The contestants would not like that. Let’s just rep or Island and keep it friendly. The poll shows our support so let’s vote more and shade less. God don’t like ugly people…

  29. #TeamFrancine #Dominica #767!
    zor sa dee sa zor vlay meh say franso kee nee pooh gehyeh sa>>>> zor ka sam lay koshoni>…. Dominica nice come on down to the nature isle… #767
    Burrrrrr…. Nou Konnet Vive

  30. We have it all nature,water, fier, wind we have Francine baron intelligent black beauty class and sexy Gwanbay nou konet vive 365 rivers we CAN give and take we r the winner amen jah bless Francine baron

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